DROPS is an installation made of water droplets, that move over an overhead projector due to the vibration of speakers. It focuses on investigating different ways of movement. Because of the vibrations, the drops start to move between points of cancellation and summation of the vibrations. This causes the droplets to start oscillating, getting stuck between vibration points or creating turbulence. Read more


PIXEL is a video in which from noise, structures and shapes arise. These images are formed from the manipulation of one image, which changes into the next. Thereby the images vary between angular, organic and landscape-like shapes.

The video is made with a program that organizes pixels according to certain formulas. These formulas create colors and patterns that are converted into sound. By converting the different colors (RGB) into sound, different layers in the composition arise. These vary between the coming together of the layers, layered noise and the transformation from one layer to the other. Read more

TV Circuits

TV Circuits is an audiovisual installation made of a feedback loop between a camera and a television. The installation consists of two units, each with a camera and television. TV Circuits plays with the unpredictability of feedback, the translation from image to sound and the reaction between different mediums. Where the installation reacts to itself like a machine, a coherent composition arises from the two sets, as if they were two individuals. Read more


VISIONS is a video-sculpture for the light-festival Winterlicht 2015 in Schiedam, The Netherlands. It is about the Visionary and her visions. One sees a sequence of film clips on a floating circle between the branches of a big tree. Images from the news, stop-motion movies and personal film material. Our version of heaven and hell, of the paradise and the most terrifying, probably originates in our own perceptions, memories and in the chemistry of our brain. So we are making a second, or a personal reality. But what does that mean: reality?

Image: Karola Pezarro
Sound: Niels de Bakker
© the Hague 2015