Image machine #24

Image machine #24 is an installation that creates images by moving oil with high voltage. The high voltage probes makes the oil static and causes it to discharge itself. Therefore the oil gets at certain places pushed down en others places pulled up, which creates the images you see.

The inspiration for this machine comes from apparatuses that play with different techniques of image creation and have not led to a commercial success or have never even progressed beyond an experiment. In these devices something special happens, the techniques and materials they use, create imperfections. These are for example, imperfections in the color, fluctuating sharpness and distortions in the image due to extensive force. They have a sense of intangibility and are mesmerizing in how they look. My interest lies in the techniques used in these machines and how these techniques evolve over time. This technical evolution is not only the starting point of my work, it is also the process of how the work is made. By starting as an experiment and moving these technical objects towards perfection, the work arises.